Deciding on the right form of financing or leasing can be crucial to the long term value and cost of the aircraft. The “AIA” employees an in-house team of experts to assist with procuring the efficient option. Leases ACMI Lease - The LESSOR provides the aircraft, one or more complete crews (flight deck, cabin attendants and engineers) including their salaries but usually not their daily allowances, all maintenance for the aircraft and insurance, which usually includes hull and third party liability. The LESSOR will charge for the block hour and depending on the aircraft type, sets a minimum guaranteed block hour limit per month if the airplane flies or not. The duration can range from a month to usually one or two years, anything less than one month can be considered as ad-hoc charter. Wet Lease - Wet lease fuel is included, typically a charter service will provide this method. Damp Lease - Similar to an ACMI and wet leasing, the term usually means without crew. Under a DAMP LEASE, the LESSEE will provide the cabin crew. This can only be done if the crew receives SEP (Safety and Emergency Procedures) training by the LESSOR, in order to be acquainted with the differences of the aircraft. The LESSOR will provide a supervising cabin purser. Dry Lease - The Lessor assumes all fixed costs. This is one of the most popular style of leases and allows for shorter time frames. The LESSOR allows his aircraft to be leased to an individual or company maintaining his name on the mortgage. Lessee is responsible for ALL FIXED COST and VARIABLE COSTS. This style of lease is ideal for organizations who currently own and operate aircraft with a flight department and crews who are currently undergoing maintenance or other restrictions that do not allow utilization. Lease Durations can range from 1 week to well over 5 years Financing Options Aircraft financing can either make or break an aircraft transaction for either the buyer or the seller. This is a crucial component at the same time keeping your payment low along with a minimum cash outlay. Each owner requires a different strategy whether it is for a new aircraft acquisition, refinancing or the need to pull cash out of the aircraft. Determine your goal which may range from lowering your payment or interest rate to restructure your aircraft debt. You can rest assured that the Endeavor finance team has the experience and knowledge to facilitate this detailed process. As a unique approach is required to get the job done, we are not biased toward any one institution, Endeavor can arrange financing from large institutions or private entities. These groups are providing financing from as little as $500,000 to well over $100,000,000 to finance one or multiple aircraft. Types of loans 1. Standard Fixed Rate 2. Interest Only 3. Adjustable Rate Loans 4. Asset/Collateral Backed: Limited & Non-Recourse 5. Leases Each loan is tailored to meet your best interest and financial situation